Innovative RUCK Systems, Inc. (IRUCKS) designs alternative innovative on-site septic systems called RUCK® systems. The RUCK® wastewater treatment system is a proven cost-effective innovative septic system that uses a proprietary design to obtain significant removal of nitrogen from wastewater.

There are two different RUCK® system designs – a Traditional RUCK® system for flows less than 2000 gallons per day and a RUCK® CFT System for flows greater than 2,000 gallons per day, but less than 10,000 gallons per day.

RUCK® systems generally include the addition of supplementary components to a traditional soil absorption system. Treatment occurs through the creation of a series of alternating environments in which bacteria first nitrify wastewater and then perform denitrification.

Design of a RUCK® system is done on an individual basis. Plans and specifications are prepared by a consulting engineer trained in RUCK ® system design.

In Massachusetts the traditional RUCK® System has been issued a General Certificate by the Department of Environmental Protection as an innovative and alternative septic system. RUCK® CFT Systems has been issued Piloting Approval by the Department. Contact the designers for the status in other states.


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