The RUCK® CFT systems are the most advanced type of RUCK® systems and offer the highest treatment available. RUCK® CFT provide tertiary treatment for the most economical construction compared to other technologies. The RUCK® CFT systems require Piloting Approval as an alternative innovative septic system by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The RUCK® CFT systems are different than traditional RUCK® systems because the RUCK® CFT systems require a part-time operator. A schematic of a typical RUCK® CFT is shown here.

Rein Laak Ph.D. invented commercial RUCK® or RUCK® CFT systems and that invention was awarded a patent, (Patent No. 5,588,777).

In these designs, all wastewater is dosed over the RUCK® filter. Effluent from the RUCK® filter is piped into a mixing chamber where MicroC® is added. Denitrification takes place in the mixing chamber. In this design, denitrification is very efficient; removal rates can exceed 90%. The treated effluent is discharged into a soil absorption system.

The RUCK® CFT systems can be designed for all types of flows ranging from 2,000 gallons per day to 9,999 gallons per day (gpd).

RUCK® CFT systems have been approved in Massachusetts as individual piloting applications or under a groundwater discharge permit. The first system approved in Massachusetts, located in Lunenburg, MA, was constructed in November 1998 and is being maintained and monitored by an affiliated firm. There were some startup problems that were fully resolved in July 1999. After resolving these problems the system has been discharging less than 10 mg/l of total nitrogen.

Since 2003, four additional RUCK® CFT systems have been installed on Cape Cod, MA. The flows range from 1,650 gpd to 44,880 gpd. the wastewater from these systems vary in use from residential to institutional to an assisted living facility to a community health center.

The designs are property of Innovative RUCK® Systems, Inc.. Have your local engineer test the soil, design the soil absorption system and prepare a plot plan of the lot. Innovative RUCK® Systems, Inc. will design the RUCK® CFT system, prepare plans, specifications, a monitoring program and a maintenance program. These documents will supplement the local engineer’s plans and complete the design. Innovative RUCK® Systems, Inc. will present the plans before your local Board of Health and file for DEP approval.