Traditional RUCK® Systems are innovative septic systems that are designed to remove nitrogen and provide excellent treatment as an on site septic system. Traditional RUCK® Systems have been granted a General Certificate by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). A General Certificate is the highest level of approval granted an alternative innovative septic system by DEP. A schematic of a typical Traditional RUCK® is shown here.

The traditional RUCK system consists of two septic tanks, a pump chamber, a RUCK filter and a carbon source unit. The first septic tank collects all wastewater leaving the building. Effluent from this tank is gravity-fed to a pump chamber where it is pressure dosed to the RUCK filter. The filter construction includes alternating layers of sand and stone, plastic indrains installed within the sand layer and an impermeable liner. The filter is multi-layer and is vented through both the roof of the building and through a surface vent. The effluent from the RUCK filter is collected in the indrain system and piped by gravity flow to the second septic tank. A carbon source unit adds MicroC® to this tank which mixes with the nitrified effluent. The denitfified effluent is then piped and discharged to a soil absorption system.

The filter varies in size and is designed based on expected flow, expected Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and expected Total Nitrogen concentration of the influent wastewater.

In Massachusetts there are over one hundred Traditional RUCK® Systems designed and installed in Massachusets. Of these, over sixty systems are in a Nitrogen Sensitive area. The average removal rate of Total Nitrogen from these systems is over 70%. View test results.

The designs are property of Innovative RUCK® Systems, Inc.. Have your local engineer test the soil, design the soil absorption system and prepare a plot plan of the lot. Innovative RUCK® Systems, Inc. will design the RUCK® system, prepare plans, specifications, a monitoring program and a maintenance program. These documents will supplement the local engineer’s plans and complete the design. Innovative RUCK® Systems, Inc. will present the plans before your local Board of Health (if required).